Longboard Limited Edition

Longboard at Majolica.jpg
Longboard at Majolica.jpg

Longboard Limited Edition

  • Limited Edition
  • Quarter-Sawn Black Walnut
  • Flamed grain pattern
  • Beeswax / oil blend finish
  • 26" x 5-3/4" x 3/4"
  • Handwash
  • Due to the nature of wood, each piece has unique grain.

Care: Hand wash only. Apply beeswax occasionally.
About our woodenware finish

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This wood has extraordinary characteristics.

Quarter-sawn lumber is a select cut in the log that is more stable and less likely to warp then typical lumber.  This limited edition is made from a seriously dense lot with a heavy flamed grain pattern.  The density is a result of a closed grain pattern, meaning this was a slow growing tree.  The smaller pores mean less air in the wood and less pathways for moisture to enter.  It will hold its luster and live a longer life.

Hand wash this board with dish soap and warm water.  Most importantly, dry it off immediately.  Periodically apply a coat of beeswax cream to hold the wood's richness and maintain a barrier coat between the wood and your edible delights.

If you think you'd like your board rejuvenated down the road, keep the box so you can ship it back to us.  We'll rejuvenate it for 15% of the product cost. We'll give it a light sanding and a vigorous burnishing with 0000 steel wool followed by two coats of our beeswax and oil blend.