crossing county lines not oceans

Like farmers who choose stewardship over extraction to re-make agriculture, Artifaqt calls for a renewal of manufacture. Not simply for a return to old ways but for a re-examination of production that relied on clever minds and skilled hands and returned to the maker a fulfillment due all mindful labor.

Such enterprises have not all fled our communities. By integrating new technologies and methodologies our factories have adapted, making themselves relevant and their revitalization is providing livelihood for those who heed the call to make. Artifaqt has had the good fortune to work with several small, local factories when a new product idea goes beyond our in-house production capabilities. The Artifaqt cast metal serveware line was the first such endeavor.

We have knocked on the office door and at the factory floor and met people with extraordinary capabilities and a keen interest in the opportunity to work together. We celebrate these partnerships and invite you to re-imagine what a factory can be.  Artifaqt takes great pride in the skills we have in-house, but finding these factory partners in our back yard and in our neighboring counties has enriched our business, our skills and our lives and blown the doors wide open for new products and collaborations.