woodenware finish (4 coats)

When the selection, shaping and edge treatment are complete, each wood board is sanded to a 220 grit finish before the brand is applied.

Then we wet the board to "raise the grain." The board is sanded again when dry.  If we didn't raise the grain and sand it smooth, this would happen the first time the wood became wet from washing and it would remain rough.

This second sanding at 280 grit is somewhat finer than the first and allows maximum penetration of our finish.

Coats 1, 2 & 3:

The proprietary blend of beeswax and edible nut oils is applied to provide moisture resistance and durability while also enhancing the integrity of the wood for culinary use.  The first coat fills and seals the open wood grain and is followed by a very fine 400 grit sanding. Coats 2 & 3 are the same protective blend, each applied by hand and each followed by a buffing with 0000 steel wool.

Coat 4 is the final application of the beeswax/oil blend which is buffed with a coarse cotton cloth to complete our finish. If this sounds like a fine furniture finish – that’s exactly what it feels like.

We offer a beeswax paste for periodic application. Applying this paste provides a barrier between the food and the platter and will refresh the platter's appearance after hard use.

acid oxidized patina

This finish may be used on both cold cast and foundry cast products. Casting is sandblasted to expose the metal. Then the casting is dipped in an acid solution which oxidizes / blackens the metal to a predetermined patina.

Then patina is selectively removed using a coarse steel wool. This exposes and brightens the metal. Polishing is continued by hand with a fine steel wool and the sealed.

cold cast Metal

This technique is used in some home goods such as switchplates.  Cast in our molds, there is no loss of detail or compromise from the artist's original sculpture. Composition is 80% metal powder and 20% resin.

Learn more about our cold casting process.

Foundry cast MEtal

This process is used for all metal serveware and some home goods.  Products are cast in molten aluminum, brass or stainless steel from molds or armatures we make in house.  We utilize both the lost wax and sand cast methods for forming molten metal.  The pours are done in local foundries and returned to us for further finishing.