Care Instructions

Wood Boards & Bowls

Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Do not soak in water. Dry immediately after washing. An occasional coat of Artifaqt Wood Balm or similar beeswax / oil product will help the wood continue to repel moisture and increases the life of the product. Do not use vegetable oils meant for cooking as they can become rancid and may not dry properly, leaving a sticky residue.

Our special shop finish as well as our selection of appropriate woods gives some protection against stains and knives. Typically, sharper knives leave less scarring. Some people expect such a “patina” to add up and enhance the board, others choose one side for cutting and save the other for gentler presentations of cheese or finger foods.

Black Aluminum Serveware

The anodizing process leaves a very hard, stain resistant and durable surface, however, the caustics of dishwashing detergents will degrade the surface. Handwash with dish soap and towel or air dry only. Any Scotchbrite pad or a nylon brush is fine if needed. Oven safe to 400°F.

Artifaqt Wood Balm can add a protective coating to our black aluminum serveware as well as add luster and help to release food. Preheat the platter in the oven at about 120°F and apply a thin coat of our balm while hot. Then wipe off the balm with a lint-free cloth while still warm. Do not microwave. A quick broil is fine.

Chef’s Bright Aluminum

Safe for home and commercial automatic dishwashers. Chef’s Bright does not need polishing. If you choose to hand wash it, follow with towel drying to avoid water spots and prolong the life of the finish. Oven safe to 400°F. Do not microwave. A quick broil is fine.