My creativity has never found comfortable expression through writing but I want to tell you some about the objects you see here and who made them.

I am a maker who has always had a fondness for useful items made well and beautifully.  Arguing the differences between art and craft is not nearly so interesting as finding the two in perfect co-existence in an object whose function and beauty are equally considered and equally successful, a tool whose grip not only feels perfect in the hand but whose proportions make it impossible to put it out of sight and into the drawer.

The Artifaqt shop/studio is a collaborative effort.  My best skills are a discerning eye and passion for design along with endless curiosity for and a meticulous experimental approach to process and object making.  We begin each design with a paper and pencil drawing.  Prototypes come slowly and deliberately to life with wood, clay, chisels, knives and hands in this shop.  From there, production paths vary from old school hands to 21stC technology.

If you explore the entries below ( ...coming soon...), you will learn much more about our interests, methods, collaborations and inspiration (like mentors and local cheese makers; we’re not big on boundaries).


John Luttmann

Brandon CU.jpg

We design, sculpt and produce all our products, build our own molds and patterns, pour every wax that goes to local foundries.  All the wood working is produced in‐house out of lumber that was sawn at local, one man mills from select cut and fallen trees.

Brandon CU.jpg